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Our aircraft fleet
  • Single Piston - Piper Archer - 4 seater
  • Single Piston - Piper Arrow - 4 seater
  • Twin Piston - Aero Commander - 6 seater
  • Twin Piston - Piper Chieftain - 9 seater
  • Twin Turbo Prop Jet - Beechcraft King Air - 6 seater
  • Twin Turbo Prop Jet - Beechcraft King Air - 10 seater
  • Twin Turbo Prop Jet - VIP Fairchild Metroliner - 12 seater
  • Twin Turbo Prop Jet - Jet Stream - 29 seater
  • Twin Turbo Fan Jet - Cessna Citation - 6 seater
  • Twin Turbo Fan Jet - Bombardier Lear Jet - 8 seater
  • Twin Turbo Fan Jet - Bombardier Challenger - 10 seater
  • Twin Turbo Fan Jet - Boeing 737 - 100 seater

Private Air Charter travel offers you the freedom to plan your own destinations and schedules. You can virtually fly anywhere you want, anytime you want. African Skies Aviation will make this possible and provide you with top notch service from beginning to end. Our clients choose African Skies Aviation as their preferred Air Charter Company for the following reasons:

Outstanding customer service

We provide each and every passenger with the best service and like to make everyone feel like a VIP.



Highly qualified pilots

Our team of reliable pilots are all legally registered and qualified with many hours of flying experience behind them.



Trustworthy aircraft fleet

In order to have a trustworthy fleet we depend immensely on Skytech Aviation to maintain and service our aircrafts on a regular basis.



Private Lounges

If you feel like relaxing before or after a flight, our private lounge facilities are there to accommodate you upon request.



Customise onboard catering

Our onboard catering ranges from an executive snack pack box to a healthy fresh lunch or dinner.



Fast track security screenings

Airport security screenings are simple, fast and essential. They prevent hijackings and other acts of terrorism. Passenger and crew safety is our number one priority.